Better known as Chris John, has set many records in boxing such as being the first ever Indonesian featherweight world champion, being the second longest featherweight world champion of all time and being listed as the second featherweight boxer in the world who have defended his title the most. He is also known as the fifth boxer in Indonesia who has successfully attained the world championship title next to Elyas Pical, Nico Thomas, Ajib Albarado and Suwito Lagola.
Chris John started his professional boxing career in 1998 when he fought against Firman Kanda in his debut match. His name then sky rocketed when he excellently knocked out the most favorite boxer at that time, Muhammad Alfaridzi, where he also stole his first national championship title in featherweight class. After so many fights on national championship level, Chris John finally defeated his fellow countryman Soleh Sundava in 2001 to get the PABA featherweight championship title. On the international level, Chris was the WBA featherweight champion of the world.


David is the Head Instructor of the Komando Indonesia and Kapap Indonesia Academy. He is one of the official Instructors for Avi Nardia Kapap Combatives in Indonesia, Counter Terror and CQB (Close Quarter Battle) instructors for Indonesia Army Special Forces. He specializes in training Special Forces, Counter Terror units, military, law enforcement and civilians in modern and traditional martial arts.
Some of David’s martial arts experiences and ranks include KAPAP Combatives – Avi Nardia Instructor, Certified Executive Protection (EP) – VVIP Body Guard from KAPAP Academy, Daido Juku-Kudo Blackbelt, BJJ Purple belt – from Prof. Matt Sung Lee, Carlson Gracie Indonesia Academy, Luta Livre Purple belt – from Maestre Afonso Cego, Luta Livre Asia Pacific Union, Commando Krav Maga instructor under Moni Aizik, Canada, Krav Maga, under Self Defense Force (SDF), UK, Institute Jiu Jitsu (IJI) – Japanese Jiujutsu, Trainer of Indonesia Army, Counter-Terrorism Unit Sat-81, Counter Terrorist Specialist – CCTP World, Security Adviser.


Fransino Tirta is an undefeated MMA fighter in Indonesia. His MMA fight record is 16 Wins – 0 Loses – 1 Draw. His martial background includes Taekwondo, Japanese Jujitsu, Free style Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Sansou. Fransino is also a five times in a row champion of Djarum Super Submission Championship for under 77kg division, absolute division and The Top Submission Award.
Fransino’s International achievement started in 2007 when he got a silver medal for blue belt under 73kg division and a gold medal at advance no-gi under 73 kg divisions at the South East Asia BJJ Tournament in Bangkok. At the international MMA competition Art of War Fighting Championship in Beijing, Fransino was the first Indonesian fighter who defeated a European fighter, Andreas Hessleback from Sweden. At the Philippine International Brazilian Jiujitsu Open, he got a gold medal in purple belt division and got the award for Best Match of The Day. He currently is fighting under ONE Championship, the biggest MMA promoter in Asia.


Cecep Arif Rahman is a school teacher, athlete, pencak silat instructor and also an actor. Born and raised in Garut, he is a pencak silat artist from the Panglipur Garut academy. He started studying silat in Panglipur Galih Academy of Garut in 1986 and started to teach silat in 1991. After graduated from the School of Educational Teacher, he then went to Bandung to study some more silat from Eni Rukmini Sekar Ningrat, and some other silat instructor there.
Cecep had won a championship in pencak silat international festival in Thailand held in the early 1990’s. He also frequently attend the Bercy martial art festival in Paris and often were invited to present the pencak silat workshop in France, Italy, England, Russia and USA. His career in pencak silat has brought him to participate in Bercy Festival des Arts Martiaux in France since the year of 2000 until 2008. His acting career debuted when he starred in the movie The Raid 2: Berandal.


Chico is a martial artist, a practitioner of Knife Fighting, silat, arnis and aikido. Living in a tough neighborhood, he started his martial art journey at young age. In 1995, Chico granted the level of instructor in silat Bulan Sabit. Holding a 3rd degree black belt in Aikido, he continues practicing a sundanese silat, Maenpo Peupeuhan Adung Rais under supervision of Abah Rafijen. 
Not only as Instructor and founder of Redwolf Libre Fighting, Chico is also the head of Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shurenkai Indonesia, A Traditional Aikido group under Hitohira Saito Sensei and the head of Fighting for lives Indonesia, a group for martial artists to give contributions, helping slump kids, street kids and orphans around Indonesia. His passions are to always grow and improving his martial art skill and serving the society and people.


Afonso Celso “Cego” dos Santos Silva Jr. is a 35-year- old mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete and grappler from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He came to Manila to introduce luta livre, a grappling system that shares some characteristics with “no-gi” Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) but differs in strategy, techniques, tradition, and rules. Cego received his luta livre black belt from Joao Ricardo, a legendary figure of the sport in Brazil.
Over the years, a number of famous fighters have flown the luta livre banner. Cego’s list of the best luta livre fighters in MMA include former Shooto Lightweight Champion Alexandre Franca “Pequeno” Nogueira, UFC and Pride veteran Milton Vieira, UFC 7 Champion Marco Ruas, Ruas’ protégé Hugo Duarte, and former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Renato “Babalu” Sobral. Newer talents, he said, include Glaico Franca, the winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 4 in the lightweight category.


Known as Bang JP, this pencak silat artist from DOB PENAGA (short for Dakwah Olahraga Beladiri Pencinta Negara yang Taat Agama) silat academy with a title of Jawara Penaga, has developed a practical method and concept in learning the Nunchaku and Kerambit. Hence, these weapons are becoming easier to be learned and less injury-risk.
Deddy has won many silat competitions in the fighting category. He is one of the founding members of Indonesian Nunchaku Club, the biggest Nunchaku club in the world with 42 branches throughout Indonesia and 3 branches across the world (China, Malaysia and Egypt). At the moment, Deddy is now the Chairman of Indonesian Nunchaku Club.


Born on 25 August 1970, Henri’s martial art journey started in 1975. He learned many different arts including Gojukai Karate-Do & Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do & Street Boxing, Hasta Palagan art of agility movement and Traditional Weaponry Silat of Mas Ngabai. These entire arts journey ended in September 1992. From then on, Henri invested his time, spirit and energy to master his skill even more in martial art and self-defense by learning Taekwondo, Karate, Tarung derajat, Kungfu, Boxing, Muaythai, Pencak silat, Hapkido, etc.
Henri has created a number of self-defense arts that use a fitness-base concept influenced by other arts. In these self-created martial arts and self-defense system, Henri stands as the Founder and Director. And these martial arts and self-defense system are affiliated to WBMAHF (World Brotherhood Martial Artist for Holistic Fitness).


Jansen Hebi Marapu is one of the young men who have chosen to live this path of life. He was a bachelor graduate who in the beginning was prohibited from becoming a boxer. His parents were hoping that he would be a teacher, that’s why he had to go to college in the first place. Nonetheless, the strong ambition of young Jansen made him trained in secret.
Seeing all of Jansen’s passion and willpower to be a boxer were unstoppable, finally he and his family agreed upon a condition. “I promised to complete my study first, then after that I can start to be a boxer,” Jansen said. So after college, he later moved to Jakarta and proceeding to train immensely to become a professional boxer. He uses his granny’s name Hebi in the middle and for the last name he added Marapu. His record now is 6 bouts, won 6 (all by KO’s) and 0 lost.


Nurham Sensei first started Shinkendo study group in Indonesia in April 2007 with the direct approval of Kaiso Toshishiro Obata, Founder and also Head Instructor of the International Shinkendo Federation (ISF). In early 2008, Nurham Sensei was officially appointed as Full Instructor of Shinkendo Shimbukan Indonesia, also known as Shinkendo Indonesia, with the rank of Kenshuin and became a Shibucho (Branch Head) until today. Now Shinkendo Indonesia has some branches in Serpong (BSD), Jakarta (Gandaria, Puri, Cengkareng), and Medan. Nurham Sensei himself conducts the training in Shinkendo Indonesia Head Dojo in BSD.