Riding bicycle is always a good memory for us. Riding a bicycle will always puts a smile on anyone’s face.... Remember when your dad gives you the first push ? your first crash ? your first race to end of the street with your best friends ? yes bicycle gives us a lot of good times and memories.
Lately cycling in Indonesia grows very rapidly. In early 2000 it was only MTB, our national athletes winning most of the Asian races. Then Fixie culture hits Indonesia and you will find every kids or even young executives are riding fixie. The past 3 years we see road bikes are becoming more and more popular. So many events in a year and people are chasing those events all over Indonesia.

Trial MTB is gaining popularity around the globe since the new school of riders surfacing on the social media and all the MTB sites. Martyn Ashton was the one that got the sport on the map, sadly he was injured and paralyzed. Then came Danny Macaskill and brought the sport to a new level. Where he doesn’t use the specific trial bike to ride and he was combining his riding skill with natural obstacles. Since then Trial MTB becoming more popular and we’re seeing more kids are getting into the sport. Trial MTB requiring a special skill, dedication, deciplines and focus. This is a perfect example for young generations to follow. Regardless if they will do this sport or not. The way of thinking from the pro rider can be applied to any kind of activities for the kids. With the gadget era that hits our generation now, we are seeing less and less kids riding bikes or even playing outdoor. We are hoping by having this show, we can get the kids excited and give it a try.